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Victims of auto accidents deserve fair compensation.  That seems like common sense to you and me.  But common sense does not always govern when you are fighting for what you deserve, especially when that fight is against a large insurance company that makes money by paying as little as they can get away with.

Think of it this way:  According to statistics from the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), there are an average of 12,323 serious injuries from auto accidents in Colorado each year, with an average of 510 of those resulting in death.  This does not count the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of smaller accidents and other auto-related claims made to insurance companies in Colorado each year.  That means insurance companies pay out millions upon millions yearly in insurance claims, so their profitability depends on their ability to reduce the amount of each payout.  To them, your case is just a number, and the lower that number is, the better for them.

It is the understanding of the dynamics of the insurance companies and their system that allows a successful attorney to push the insurance companies to pay more.  We work hard to provide the evidence and legal arguments needed to increase the value of each claim.  And when the insurance company refuses to pay what we believe is a fair amount, we do not hesitate to file a lawsuit and take the case to trial.

What kind of compensation is an accident victim entitled to recover?

The law is supposed to allow an accident victim to be “made whole”.  This means that the victim should be entitled to recover the full amount of any financial losses that can be attributed to medical expenses resulting from the accident, the damage to his or her vehicle, and any lost wages caused by the accident.  In addition, the victim should be entitled to recover a monetary amount for the “pain and suffering” that resulted from the accident.  In some circumstances, family members of the victim may be entitled to recover some amount under a legal theory called “loss of consortium”.

Insurance companies will often try and settle these claims with victims by only paying the medical expenses and/or to repair the damaged vehicle, and sometimes only a portion of those amounts.  This is why it is so important to discuss your case thoroughly with an experienced attorney.

At Deere Law, LLC, we don’t get paid until you get paid, and we only take a percentage of what we get for you.  That means we have an incentive to get you as much as possible, and as quickly as possible.  Call us today at (719) 633-3377, or email us, to find out why Colorado Springs Auto Accident attorney Josh Deere at Deere Law, LLC has received an AV Preeminent® Peer Review Rating in Litigation from Martindale-Hubbell®, the highest an attorney can receive for legal skill and ethics; a Superb, 10 out of 10 rating and a “Client’s Choice” award from Avvo, a national lawyer rating service; and a Colorado Springs’ TOP ATTORNEYS award by Colorado Springs Style Magazine.