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Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney

At Deere Law, we specialize in handling a great variety of criminal defense cases for our clients, including DUI, domestic violence, criminal appeals, traffic and drug violations, felonies, misdemeanors, and more. Regardless of what your specific situation is, we’ve dealt with something like it in the past, and we are more than equipped to help you get through this difficult moment in your life.

We know that this entire process can feel overwhelming, and you may be unsure of who you can trust. When in doubt, look at the facts; Josh Deere and our team have a proven track record of handling cases just like yours with dignity and grace, and our previous clients have made it clear that the services we provide have changed their lives for the better.

We cover a wide variety of criminal defense cases, including the following:


We know that these cases are particularly stressful for many of our clients, and luckily, this is one of the areas where we have the most experience. Each of our legal professionals has an extremely high degree of knowledge pertaining to Colorado’s legal procedures surrounding DUI/DWAI cases, and we use this information to help clients like you each and every day.

Domestic Violence

Our goal with domestic violence cases is to take an objective look at all of the facts in order to help you navigate through what is often one of the most delicate situations in the legal system. If you believe you’ve been wrongly charged for a crime, our team will help you prepare a defense strategy that is effective in the eyes of the court.

Traffic Violations

Traffic violations are one of the more common cases that we represent in Colorado Springs, and because of this, we have a number of proven techniques and strategies to help you navigate your specific situation. Don’t accept lesser legal care than you deserve; at Deere Law, we’ll help you minimize or even lift charges that have been unjustly brought against you.

Drug Offenses

If you’ve been accused of any drug-related charges in Colorado, it’s vitally important to fully understand your rights under the law. Our criminal defense attorneys in Colorado Springs can help you get the facts. We’ll take an extended look into the circumstance behind the charge, including whether police used the proper procedures when making their case against you.

Felonies and Misdemeanors

Crimes in Colorado are classified either as felonies or misdemeanors. The former is much more serious, as a felony charge can impact your life, career options, financial status, and social opportunities for years to come. At Deere Law, we know this, and regardless of the severity of your case, we are dedicated to presenting you with a full range of options for your criminal defense.

Everything Else

Remember, at the end of the day, we’re here to serve you. Our entire staff is dedicated to listening to your needs and interpreting them. We will never walk over you or make you feel as though you aren't in control.

What Others Say About Our Criminal Defense Attorneys in Colorado Springs, CO:

​“I first met Josh when we worked on some international projects together. Josh first impressed me then--and continues still now--with his integrity, passion, and hard work. Too many attorneys are sometimes less than forthcoming in their billing practices, but Josh has proven his value to clients and kept true to his ethics and core principles.” – Indianapolis Attorney and Vice-President of Technology and Compliance of Software Company
“Josh is a very detailed oriented [criminal defense attorney in Colorado Springs] who has a great mind for the law and still manages to provide a human element to it.” – Owner of Bankruptcy Law Practice
"Josh is a professional in the highest sense of the definition. Honesty, integrity, and hard-working is only a small sample of the positive traits that one can use to define his character both personally and professionally.  If one is looking for a top notch high quality attorney who is knowledgeable, dependable, and reasonable in price then Josh is that attorney. He is a rare find and immeasurable in worth. I recommend his services." – Client and Designated Broker at Property Management Company
“Mr. Deere is an accomplished professional focusing on the client and delivering one on one attention to their needs. I would recommend Mr. Deere to anyone seeking legal advice.” – Client and Owner of Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic
“Josh and I worked together at Davis Miles, PLLC, I can attest that Josh is an excellent lawyer. His skills are superior and his attention to detail is noteworthy. However, most of all Josh will speak honestly with you about your legal options. You are in good hands with Josh.” – Partner at Davis Miles, PLLC
“I worked with Josh on a daily basis for a year. He is smart, creative, persistent, and tough. If I were in trouble, I'd retain him in a minute. I still refer potential clients to him on a regular basis.” – Senior Partner of Arizona Law Firm
“Mr. Deere is an accomplished professional focusing on the client and delivering one on one attention to their needs. I would recommend Mr. Deere to anyone seeking legal advice.”-- A.R. (Client)
“Very good [DUI attorney in Colorado Springs CO]. Josh is a very knowledgeable and competent lawyer in his field. I send clients to him frequently.”- Fellow attorney
“Exceptional lawyer, hard-working, honest and dedicated.”- Fellow attorney