Colorado Springs Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorney

Juvenile criminal charges are extremely delicate affairs that affect not only young people but their families as well. In the state of Colorado, these sorts of criminal cases are handled differently from those affecting adults, but the results can still have wide-ranging negative impacts, regardless of their severity. At Deere Law, we’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of families dealing with a juvenile criminal charges, and in our experience, there are almost always options available to you that you may not be aware of.

What to Do If Your Child Has Been Arrested

If your child has been arrested on suspicion of a crime, stay calm. We know that this can be an extremely difficult situation for your entire family, and many clients come to us utterly confused and at a loss for how to proceed. Luckily, as mentioned above, you have options. Give us a call, and we will help you understand your child's situation, breaking down all of the options for moving forward after an arrest has been made. We have more experience dealing with juvenile cases than any other firm in Colorado Springs, and our doors are always open to you.

How Juvenile Arrests Work in Colorado

If police take a minor into custody, by law, the authorities must contact the minor’s parents. The child may be held at a juvenile detention center, or they may be released back to you after screening, depending upon the specific nature of their situation. For example, if they are suspected of a violent or weapon-related charge, they may be held at a facility, and in this case, a court hearing must take place within 48 hours to determine how to proceed. In the most serious of incidents, a district attorney must review the case in order to determine whether the child must be brought into district court on criminal charges. If this happens, your child may be charged as an adult, and the consequences of this can obviously be much more severe.

In less serious circumstances, the charges may be handled informally between the parents and district attorney, especially with involvement from a Colorado Springs juvenile defense attorney. While going through the juvenile instead of the adult justice system is not a guarantee of leniency, sentences often prize reform over mere punishment. Our job is to help guide you through this process, ensuring that the least amount of lasting damage is inflicted on the minor’s future.

At Deere Law, we believe that it is vitally important to never give up on our youth, for they represent the future we all hope to build. For this reason, we are committed to getting you and your family through this time of crisis, and we will build the very best defense case we can in order to help get your child back on the right track. If you’re ready to talk about all of the options available to you and your family, reach out to us today. We’ll work through the situation together, so you’ll be guided and supported throughout the entire process.